Our Lab

All lab equipment is calibrated as defined by our RDC procedures. Certificates of analysis and sales specifications are maintained on file and available upon request. Anco's quality control standards are second to none. Our commitment and support offers customer-specific solutions ensuring optimal fluid stability in the field.

Anco Chemicals prides itself in delivering quality products and guidance for your company's needs. We offer to set up your system and monitor it's performance with the help of our full service laboratory.

As an RDC certified company, all our lab equipment are calibrated to fulfill quality procedure requirements. We render a full testing laboratory for technical advise for Dowtherm SR1, Dowfrost, Dowtherm 4000, Dowfrost HD, Calcium Solutions and Aqua or Anhydrous Ammonia. We report pH data, concentration, freeze protection, inhibitor levels, and water/oil/sediments in Ammonia using the Karl Fisher technique and offer suggestions to adjust these levels to the maximum optimal point.

Since 1962, we have proudly delivered reliable results for our customers. Presently, we continue to provide customers with high quality problem solving by utilizing the skills of our chemical engineer chief chemist at testing services.