Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is best known for melting ice in winter and controlling dust in summer. It is one of the world's most versatile industrial chemicals. Our calcium chloride, produced in Amherstburg, Ontario, and Ludington, Michigan, is of particularly high quality, so it serves many markets - from road maintenance to food processing.

A growing application is its use in stabilizing resource roads. Applied as a liquid to unpaved road surfaces, calcium chloride penetrates the aggregate and binds the particles into a solid base. The result is reduced road maintenance, erosion control, dust suppression, and better air quality. Ask about our newest road-stabilization product, which offers significant opportunities in Latin America and other regions that are seeking to open unpaved roads to commerce.

We continue to build sales of our corrosion-inhibited calcium chloride used for melting ice and controlling dust. It is far less corrosive and more effective than rock salt, cutting equipment maintenance costs and helping applicators meet environmental guidelines.

The distillate-drying blend, another proprietary calcium chloride product, finds increasing use in refineries, where it removes dissolved water from petroleum. And taking calcium chloride about as far from ice-melting as it can go, we ship it to the Middle East, where it is used as an additive for oil-well drilling lubricants.

Fluorescent lighting, newsprint deinking, concrete acceleration, freeze-proofing coal and ore, filling tires on construction and farm equipment, cheesemaking, brewing, cherry brining...all are growth applications that make calcium chloride the basic industrial chemical whose performance redefines the word "basic."

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