Environmental Services

Anco Chemicals supports our customers by offering a full range of in-house fluid testing services. Our laboratory and staff of chemical engineers provide analytical and technical support for the products we distribute. The majority of samples can be tested in 24 hours or less with the results emailed immediately.

Click on any of the links below to find out more information on the different types of analysis our laboratory can perform.

Check for (a) ammonia percentage or degree beaume; (b) iron as Fe, sulphate as SO4, chloride as Cl; (c) colour and suspended solids.

Tests can be performed on virtually all products using the latest technology of Karl Fischer.

Check for (a) traces of water using the latest model of the Karl Fischer method; (b) oil and sediments; (c) colour.

Check for (a) pH; (b) colour; (c) sediments; (d) concentration of calcium chloride; (e) freeze point and (f) inhibitor level as chromate or phosphate.

Tests can be performed on propylene or ethylene based fluids such as Dowtherm SR1, Dowtherm 4000, Dowfrost and Dowfrost HD.